Quick Pick - EuroMillions

With Quick Pick - EuroMillions you play the EuroMillions draws which are held every Tuesday and Friday at 8:45pm.

This is for those who want to play the lottery in the classic manner. You choose which Quick Pick you want to play each week.

You can choose between the following sizes:
Quick Pick 5 - € 10.00
Quick Pick 4 - € 8.00
Quick Pick 3 - € 6.00
Quick Pick 2 - € 4.00
Quick Pick 1 - € 2.00

Irish Lotto Service automatically checks your ticket for winnings, and they will be deposited directly into your account.


  • The numbers are generated at random for you.
  • You never forget to buy a ticket.
  • We automatically check your ticket for winnings.
  • Winnings are deposited directly into your bank account.